I combine my psychotherapy expertise with my bodywork experience to heal complex developmental trauma caused by  neglect, and grief; negative experiences that impact the body and the mind and stand in the way of peace, joy, and bliss. 

How I work

My practice is about client-directed trauma-focused bodywork. I use touch in exact ways which you request. The touch may be relaxing, sensual, or erotic; and it may evoke memories stored in the body. The touch is always one way, from me to you, and guided by you. It is safe, sane, and based on your deep and clear consent. I hold my work sacred and steer clear from dual and sexual relationships with my clients, current or past.

If you are interested in working with me I highly recommend reading my chapters in the book “Healers on the Edge“. I have described the “Perfect Touch” approach in one chapter and the process of my work with a client in another.

When we work together, my role is:

  • to be in a loving grounded presence for you
  • to help you stay in connection with your Self
  • to witness your true essence
  • to respond to you as perfectly as possible by giving you the touch you ask for, no more, no less.

Here’s how we work together

20160325_120547After you fill out an intake form (which I email you) and answer some questions on it, we will have an in-person meeting.
This initial session helps me understand your history and your needs, as well as your specific challenges and strengths. Exercises on personal boundaries and mindfulness of body sensations create the foundation for healthy communication and further bodywork if needed.

You don’t have to undress in any session. The body work can be done with or without clothes; the choice is yours.

Number of Sessions

A single bodywork session is usually a powerful experience that helps open your eyes to your personal desires as well as your personal power. The goal is to feel into what you want and to clearly ask for it. This first session offers an opportunity for us to establish rapport and a good level of trust which is necessary for deep work.

A series of 3 sessions creates continuity and connection in the personal process. Insights gained in one session make the path for the explorations in the next.

There is a vast menu of offerings in this practice: from realizing personal boundaries to recognizing true consent, from simple sensations to the highest levels of pleasure, from discovering your grounded power to embodying divine presence. A series of five sessions offers a great chance for a much deeper journey. I would recommend a set of 5 sessions for as a firm foundation for trauma work.

Trauma and Touch

feltingTouch is a powerful path to release trauma, memories, and to gain a positive relationship with one’s body. My expertise in psychotherapy enables me to facilitate the emotional release that may arise during this transformative work.

My unique approach to using client-directed touch in therapy can address personal trauma in an effective and efficient way; great distances can be covered in a few sessions with a lot less emotional pain, which is usually associated with the usual counselling practices. In fact, in my sessions, a sense of grounded peace and calm is common after an intense emotional release.