I live and work on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

If you are curious about my work and/or interested in working with me I will offer you a 20-30 minute phone or video call or face to face chat, free of charge, to see how I might be helpful to you.  The purpose of this initial consult is to clarify your question and to see if and how we can work together towards your goal. You can then decide on your next step.

Every session begins with a check-in. What happens in a session is completely dependent on your intention, what you need, and what seems to be the best way to move forward. Sometimes an exercise like breathwork will help you to become grounded and present to your Self. If talking helps we’ll talk. If non-verbal ways (art, sand-play, bodywork) seem helpful, we will try those.  You are always encouraged to lead the session.

I also invite you to read what I have written about my work on this website as well as my two chapters in Healers on the Edge.  Or

I am trained and fluent in practices of talk therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy (yes it is for grown-ups too 🙂 ) as well as Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork.

The following information is for clients who wish to see me individually. In my work with couples I hold to the same principles and goals. With couples I guide each member to give and receive touch and bodywork to and from each other.

Here are my rates (in Canadian $) :

In-Person Sessions Virtual Sessions
intake $250 (1.5-2 hrs) $150 (one hour)
single session $250 (1.5 hrs) $150 (one hour)
prepaid 3-session package (10% discount)The 3-session package (3X1.5hrs) allows for continuity and for focus on a specific goal, such as exploration of mindful pleasure. $675 (3 hrs) $405 (3 hrs)
prepaid 5-session package (5X1.5 hrs) @10% discount.

The 5-session package is highly recommended if you intend to delve deeper (e.g. attempt to heal past trauma).

$1125 (7.5 hrs) $675 (7.5 hrs)

Initial intake is an in-depth to explore your history, health, and your goals. We may do exercises in boundary-setting and consent. We will discuss and clarify your intention and plan our future sessions.

Contact me by through my contact page or by email: thetouchingcure@gmail.com  

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