I live and work in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are my rates :

1- Initial 2-hr in-depth intake and foundation exercises: $200

 We’ll talk about your history, health, and your goals. We will do exercises in boundary-setting and consent (your true YES, and NO). And we will plan our future sessions.

2- Subsequent single session (up to 90 minutes): $200

Every session begins with a check-in, an exercise in becoming grounded and present to your Self. And if you require it, bodywork. At the end we debrief.

3- Three sessions prepaid (not including the intake session): $600

This allows for continuity and for focus on a specific goal, such as exploration of mindful pleasure.

4- Five sessions prepaid (not including the intake session): $1000

This option is highly recommended if you intend to delve deeper and attempt to heal past trauma.

If you are coming from out of town, I can suggest convenient places to stay nearby while we work together on consecutive days.

Contact me by email.

Contact me by email: