The soul feels unsafe in a frightened body. Let’s prepare your body to be a home for the soul again.

Together we breathe courage into the body,  inviting it to feel pleasure within its own edges.

1. Do you want to love your body, feel more orgasmic and be a better lover?
2. Do you want more energy and a stronger libido?
3. Were you sexually abused/assaulted and do you feel shame and guilt, inadequate, flawed, or at fault?
4. Do you wish to have a better, more intimate relationship with your partner?
5. Do you feel some numbness but want to feel fully present in your body and have a renewed curiosity about it?
6. Do you fantasize about learning more, a lot more, about your body and your sexual desire?
7. Do you have confusion or shame about your sexual desires in your intimate relationships?
8. Do you feel held back by past experiences that you wish to be done with?
9. Do you want to discover your true natural power that enables you to know and to articulate to your lover what you really want and to set firm boundaries to what you do not want?
10. Do you want to restore the honour to your body?
If you said yes to any of the above, I can help you reach your goal.

Men commit the majority of sexual violence or physical abuse. Most victims prefer not to work with male therapists. But if they are given the choice, some choose a male therapist to heal the wound caused by a man. This can be a very powerful experience. If you feel working with a safe man can help heal your wound, I would be honoured to accompany you on your journey.

You may choose to attend the sessions alone or with a significant other.

I use art, playful techniques, education, bodywork, and discussion to help individuals and couples approach wholeness in themselves and their relationships