The soul feels unsafe in a frightened body. Let’s prepare your body to be a home for the soul again.

Together we breathe courage into the body,  inviting it to feel pleasure within its own edges.

  1. Do you want to overcome past trauma and restore the honour to your body?
  2. Do you want more energy, a stronger libido, and want to learn more about your body and your sexual desire?
  3. Do you want to love your body, feel more orgasmic and be a better lover?
  4. Do you feel shame and guilt, inadequate, flawed, or at fault due to sexual abuse or assault?
  5. Do you have sexual challenges that stand in the way of having a more intimate and enjoyable relationship?
  6. Do you feel numb (or pain) during sex and want to feel fully relaxed and present in your body?
  7. Do you have confusion, fear, or shame about your sexual desires in your intimate relationships?
  8. Do you have fantasies you would like to explore, understand, and master? 
  9. Have you tried hard to overcome your trauma (violation or neglect/abandonment) but still feel stuck?
  10. Do you want to learn to clearly say what you really want and to set firm boundaries to what you do not want?

If you said yes to any of the above, I can help you reach your goal.

A few notes about my practice:

  • Men commit the majority of sexually violent or physically abusive acts. Most victims prefer not to work with male therapists. But if they are given the choice, some choose a male therapist to heal the wound caused by a man. This can be a very powerful experience. If you feel working with a safe man can help heal your wound, I would be honoured to accompany you on your journey.
  • You may choose to attend the sessions alone, with a significant other, a chaperon, or with a support person
  • I use the following approaches in my work:
      • Creative Arts Therapy approaches which include Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Sand Play Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapies, Creative Movement, and Creative Journaling
      • Psychoeducation and home practice: I give you systematic and structured information regarding your challenges and possible treatments. I help you integrate emotional and motivational aspects to enable you to cope with the challenges you face. At times I give you home-practices and exercises to deepen and maintain what you gain in our sessions. 
      • Inner-Child Work. Using guided visualization and creative arts approaches I help you connect with parts of your Self that were wounded and left behind in your early life. 
      • Talk therapy; including techniques and approaches from Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Forcused Therapy, Depth-Oriented Brief Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, to help individuals and couples of  all configurations approach wholeness in themselves and their relationships.
      • Somatic Sex Education. This is a form of trauma-informed bodywork that evolved out of Sexological Bodywork (Joseph Kramer) and the Wheel of Consent (Betty Martin). The most important tenet of the work is one-way, client-guided touch. I abide by strict principles of those practices, i.e. one-way touch, offering Client-directed and client-centred bodywork when requested in full consent by the client, and holding the well-being of the client in the forefront at all times.
      • Shadow Work. It is useful in the path to personal growth to recognize, to connect with, and to integrate those rejected parts of our Selves which were left behind due to overwhelming and negative early experiences.  We can gently approach this work through playful and creative pathways to avoid overwhelm and re-traumatization. A proper integration of the Shadow contributes to a stronger and more masterful sense of Self. Institute for Relational Intimacy